I am dr. Marta Hawkins. I am an experienced academic researcher, teacher and coach. In the last twenty years I have been teaching at several universities in the UK and Europe, where I have observed many inspiring practices and changes in educational styles, organisation structures and career patterns of students, graduates. One lacking element that has always puzzled me was the gap between the personal and the professional life in the dominant approach to education and work.  That gap translates into the separation between the mind, the body and the consciousness not  only of individuals, but also of organisations. By starting In-Light-of, I have set off on a journey to alter this tradition and fill up the process of personal & professional growth with the harmonious bond between the self, the others and the planet. 

This kind of harmony is grounded in a philosophy of co-existentialism, where people, nature, animate and non-animate qualities of being are interdependent and intertwined. 

In-Light-of cultivates and promotes co-existentialism and holistic awareness through consultancy, teaching and coaching.

In-light-of is a social enterprise, which means that all my work and profits benefit the cause I am committed to: CREATING A COMPASSIONATE WORLD through HOLISTIC AWARENESS AND EDUCATION.

To achieve the results impacting society as a whole, we all need to start at the early level of education, as that is when children develop their outlook and understanding of their role in the world. That is why I set up the University for Children, a unique model of education recognising the child’s unlimited potential to become critically involved in their own development.

Through Consultancy with Mentoring, University for Children and Coaching, I offer a holistic insight into the overall context of “the client”, their values, abilities, aspirations, achievements, blockages and beliefs. 

In-light-of offers bespoke, research-based  consultancy with mentoring, teaching and coaching  to individuals & organisations engaged in the Educational and Creative Sector: teachers, academics, artists, writers, makers, associations, schools, community groups, universities, students and parents who embark on an educational journey,  face a creative challenge or creative block, consider a career change, or want to develop their abilities holistically not only to their own benefit, but the benefit of others and the planet.

Approaching change from the holistic perspective brings about enthusiasm, connectivity and health to an organisation and its people

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."