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MY Offers

Consultancy & Mentoring

I consult educational and creative organisations on the aspects of human relations, sustainable development, effective communication, and the alignment between what the organisation does and what the organisation wants to achieve. I will map out the ways forward for your brand and your purpose, so everyone in the team and all your customers would fully understand what your values are and how those values influence them, society and the planet. 

University for Children

I have created a holistic, Montessori inspired, interdisciplinary curriculum, where students learn all subjects at the same time, while they are involved in many hand-on creative activities. 

The purpose of the University for Children to enable young students to become independent learners who can think critically and articulate their passions and needs with confidence and in recognition of being part of a bigger context, such as a family, group, community, school. 

I offer coaching to parents and children, family members and people who require support on their journey to self-growth and alignment with their own values. 

My coaching is grounded in academic research and deep recognition of my clients’ personal needs and expectations.

"I would highly recommend Marta to anyone who is looking for an educator that truly cares about her students and their parents alike"
Karen Traves
Oliver's Mum